SPINELLI Signature Blend Drip Coffee – 10sac



Spinelli Drip packs are freshly roasted, grounded & packed in our own Spinelli Roastery in Singapore, allowing you to enjoy freshly brewed coffee at home - imagine the burst of aroma each morning to brighten up your day! Savour sustainably-sourced 100% premium Arabica coffee, roasted fresh in Singapore, in the convenience of your own home!

Original Blend Central America, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia ( 4 Sachets )
The Original Spinelli Blend embodies the characteristics of the company and is found in every Spinelli-owned outlets in Singapore. With a hint of aromatic spice, The Original Blend is rich, well-balanced and enhanced by a mild acidity.
Body: 3/5 | Acidity: 3/5

Mocha Java Blend Africa, Indonesia ( 3 Sachets )
A complex coffee, full of flavor, aroma and well-rounded body, the Mocha Java has a subtle wine-like flavor that entices your taste buds, balancing the high acidity and keep you wanting more.

Extra Dark French Blend Central America, South America, East Africa ( 3 Sachets )
Our darkest roast yet – making the charcoal taste the essence of Spinelli’s Extra Dark French blend; full, rich and intense, coupled with the mildest acidity level.
Body: 5/5 | Acidity: 1/5

10 Sachets per Box

*Sealed for added freshness – 1year shelf life from pack date.
*Spinelli Coffee uses Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee beans to promote sustainability.

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