SPINELLI Ground Coffee Starter Pack


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This pack is perfect for your new machine and the right amount for your household!


Our Ground Coffee Starter Pack consists of:

  • 4 x 250g Roasted Coffee Beans*
  • 1 x 20% OFF on Cookies/Cake Voucher
  • 1x 1-FOR-1 Frappe Voucher (worth $7.20)

* By default the blends will be: 1 x Original Blend, 1 x Mocha Java Blend, 1 x Extra Dark French Blend, 1 x Vietnam Blend


Spinelli Coffees are freshly roasted, grounded & packed in our own Spinelli Roastery in Singapore, allowing you to enjoy freshly brewed coffee at home – imagine the burst of aroma each morning to brighten up your day! Savor sustainably-sourced 100% premium Arabica coffee, roasted fresh in Singapore, in the convenience of your own home!

Original Blend: Central America, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia

The Original Spinelli Blend embodies the characteristics of the company and is found in every Spinelli-owned outlet in Singapore.  With a hint of aromatic spice, The Original Blend is rich, well-balanced, and enhanced by mild acidity.

Mocha Java Blend: Africa and Indonesia

A complex coffee, full of flavour, aroma and well-rounded body, the Mocha Java has a subtle wine-like flavour that entices your taste buds, balancing the high acidity and keeps you wanting more.

Extra Dark French Blend: Central America, South America and East Africa

Our darkest roast yet – making the charcoal taste the essence of Spinelli’s Extra Dark French blend; full, rich and intense, coupled with the mildest acidity level.

The charcoal taste is the essence of our Extra Dark French, achieved by combining higher roasting temperatures with longer roasting time. This roasting technique demands high-grown, dense coffee beans that can withstand the heat and duration of the roasting process.

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