Set of 4 – SPINELLI Brewing Kaki Vietnam Blend – 10sac



Expanding on our latest concept, Brewing Kaki will be producing an array of drip coffee blends for distribution purposes in the retail sector. Using 100% top grade Robusta beans, the coffee will be blended and roasted in our Singapore facility and will feature Brewing Kaki’s take on local coffee in flavours of Singapore, Vietnam & Indonesia. International consumers may now enjoy local coffee blends using premium Robusta in drip packs, in the comfort of their own home.

Vietnamese Ca Phe Nong
Bask in dark caramel and earthy fragrance from Vietnam’s Grade 1 Robusta. Vietnam’s straight balanced coffee encapsulates a cocoa and caramel flavour that rounds off with a dark chocolate, black tea and herbal aftertaste. Complement with a spoonful of creamy condensed milk for a rich and fragrant beverage.

10 Sachets per Box

*Sealed for added freshness – 1year shelf life from pack date.

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